Images kindly supplied by Blipfoto user Shine-a-light.

Images kindly supplied by Blipfoto user Shine-a-light.


Well, what a year in the world of Clanadonia. The guys have played big gigs such as the Celtica Festival in Italy and opened the proceedings on the main stage at Scotland’s own T in the park; smaller events have included playing in a Gorbals park in Glasgow and the usual host of weddings, corporate events and the usual kilt fuelled mayhem that are their street performances. Other highlights of the year have included playing live with the great Alan McKim and even being asked to perform in his video for “Sumerian” and attempting to out-volume a rally of Harley-Davidsons at the thunder in the glen rally in Aviemore.

The band have become pretty popular on Youtube and especially Flickr as tourists all over the globe have stopped to film and shoot and my favourite description of them has to be the individual who described the guys as “scary Scots drummers“. Superb, and not inaccurate.

One other development this year is that the guys are now exclusively represented by Freak Music and the guys there are currently lining up a host of other festival gigs for next summer, both  home and abroad. If you want to be kept up to date with details of this, subscribe to the mailing list via the tab poking out of the right of the main page or get in touch with Freak.

Clanadonia would like wish all visitors to this page and anyone who has stopped by to watch them play, a mental Drumming Christmas and a Piping hot New Year. And don’t forget, the guys are playing at George Square in Glasgow at the New Year celebrations.

Slàinte and keep it tribal.


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